When in a zombie apocalypse what do you need to know? A little physics to survive wouldn't you. Exactly why this page is here!

zombie beer





What is a zombie?

When you think of a zombie what do you think of? Probably a brain dead carnivorous freak that should be put back into the ground. Well that's the basics, and now that you know that I'm sure you can decipher one among a crowd of people. Or well....in the apocalypse, an empty street.

Let's describe a zombie. Usually blood covered face, kind of rotting and ugly, bent on eating every live object it sees, limping or staggering, and slow (until they're hungry that is).
Example of a Zombie Notice:

zombie face

  • Rotting Flesh
  • Not quite lively looking
  • Bloody and unclean
  • Broken limbs
  • Staggering Walk
  • Uncontrolled "Rawr"ing


Also there are different types of zombie by how they get around

indentification chart

How will Physics Help Me?

Physics will help you out plenty. On this site we will discuss how much force to crush the skull, how friction will make a fire, conversions to see how long you will be, and finally, how much work is done pushing a crate out of in front of a doorway. Knowing a few physics' properties will also show your companions you're pretty smart and they can trust you.

Enjoy the page and surviving Zombies with Physics!

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