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Job of the School Nurse
In Allegany County, The School Nurse is a registered nurse who is responsible for the health care of students in the Allegany County School System. The School nurse works independently when providing care for the students.

Physical Requirements needed to function as a school nurse:

  1. Standing, sitting, and walking are required for the 7-8 hour day

  2. Stooping and bending are necessary when providing care for students

  3. The ability to lift 50 pounds may be required when assisting students or helping with special needs

  4. The ability to respond quickly to in school emergencies both inside the school and outside

  5. CPR may need to be performed which requires kneeling, bending and strenuous physical activity

The school nurse job is, but is not limited to these functions:

  1. Promotes and protects the optimal health status of children

  2. Conducts health assessments

  3. develops and implements a health plan

  4. Maintains, evaluates, and interprets health data in order to meet the needs of the individual

  5. Plans and implements school health management protocols for the child with special health needs

  6. Participates in home visits to assess the family's needs as related to he child's needs

  7. Coordinates medial input from the student health care provider and involves the health care provider as appropriate

  8. Serves as a link between school teams and the student's health care provider


Please be advised, on school days when there is a delay, parents or guardians are responsible to give medications at home at the regularly scheduled times.

The nurse WILL NOT be permitted to give your child's medications if scheduled to be given before the delayed opening start time.

When school is dismissed early, the nurse WILL NOT be permitted to give medications that are scheduled after dismissal time.

Please note this applies to scheduled delays or dismissals and delays or early closure due to weather.