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Teaching exprience: 23 Years

Fort Hill Teacher Since: 1990

Courses Taught:
Construction Tech I
Construction Tech II


Class Schedule

Period 1 7:45-8:30
Period 2 8:34-9:19
Period 3 9:23-10:07
Period 4 10:11-10:56
Period 5 11:02-1:02
Period 6 1:06-1:51
Period 7 1:55-2:40

If you are interested in taking this class this is the times and periods you might have.


" I wanted to be a tech ed teacher because I wanted to help the students with some of the skills needed to start a career in constuction. Also i wanted to make them aware of the construction process. so that they will be somewhat knowlegable so they will be able to do small repairs for things."
-Mr. Yoder


Mr. Yoders group with their matching shirts after building the shed behind them!


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Difference between Construction Tech
1 & 2

The main difference is the depth and degree of the difference projects and the assignments that are required. It is an upgrade with a little harder projects to do. Students can choice which class they would like to take. We not only have technical Consturction but we have classes where you can learn to design things for other tech ed purposes.


Technology Education courses enables students to survey areas in which they have an interest, aptitude, or career aspirations. They provide an excellent opportunity to develop skills and learn about industry and technology. All courses emphasize learning through hands-on activities coupled with the rigor of other academic areas.
The major areas of study are grouped under Transportation Technology, Construction/Manufacturing Technology and Communications Technology. Students may sample courses from each area or specialize in one or two, depending upon their interests.