Upgrading Your PC

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If not already done ground yourself. Grounding bracelets are a cheap and easy ways to ground yourself so you don't harm any components during assembly or disassembly.
Unplug all cables from the outside of the computer.
Unscrew the Cards from the case.
Carefully lift the cards out.
Disconnect the Powersupply from the Motherboard by unplugging the connector from the motherboard.
Unscrew the Powersupply from the back of the case and unplug it from all the hardware.
Unplug the hard drive from the motherboard.
Disconnect any hardware cords from the motherboard and pull it out.
Unscrew the motherboard from the case and carefully lift out the motherboard.
Detach the drives from both sides of the computer.
The computer case should be empty.
You can now detach the CPU from the Motherboard by lifting and pulling the CPU fan out and opening the CPU bar that holds the chip in place.
You can also remove the RAM by pulling the tabs open on the side of the RAM slot holders and pulling the RAM straight up.
Undo any locking mechanism and unscrew any screws if applicable, disconnect any cords that may be plugged into the card so it hangs freely.
Firmly grab the card at either end and pull straight out from the slot.
The computer should be completely disassembled.
If you are upgrading your computer at this point you should be able to do these steps backwards but with your new parts.