Project Y.E.S.

Youth Experiencing Success


Room Number: 255

Project Y.E.S. addresses students from grades 6-10 some students through graduation. It teaches basic skills in reading and math, addresses study and organizational skills, monitors progress, develops career activities, and helps to develop a working relationship between parents and the school. It offers students incentives academics with their rewards for positive attitude, good grades and attendance, and showing improvement.
Project Y.E.S. not only offers students help with their schoolwork, but also provides assistance with personal and social needs as wellto be there to assist them in any other ways they may need and other students to be there for them as well.

To establish a
safe, supportive environment
that fosters self-esteem, motivation,
cooperation, and mutual

To establish a respectful
working relationship with the
student’s family or support network.

To develop individualized
goals for each student by identifying
and building on
strengths and abilities.

To offer the student a learning
environment that is conducive
to his or her cognitive, social
and emotional development.

To provide support when reintegration

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